The Tremix Vibroflex is a light surface vibrator built as a modular system. The screed consists of 2 m sections, 1 m sections, end sections and a vibration unit with electrical equipment. The machine is easy to assemble and can be angled at each joint between two sections.

Vacuum dewatering of concrete by means of a vacuum pump and suction mats makes it possible to reduce the water content in the concrete mass by 20 to 25 %. The water-cement ratio is reduced at the same rate increasing both compression and wear resistance. The risk of concrete shrinkage is also lessened. Shrinkage may cause cracks and curling in the concrete slab. Thanks to vacuum dewatering it is possible to work with a more fluid concrete i.e. the water content can be higher at placing. Immediately after vacuum dewatering the evenness of the concrete surface can be checked and adjusted with a control tool and the floating operation with a power-trowel can start. The Tremix equipment for dewatering of concrete by the vacuum process consists of a vacuum pump P 4001, a top cover and filter pads.

The Tremix double ride-on trowel Pro Rider is an easy-to run trowel for finishing large concrete surfaces. The machine is controlled by two joysticks that act directly upon the guiding valves. There are two foot pedals, one adjusting the revolutions of the engine, the other opening/closing the valves to the hydraulic engines. This allows a stepless start of the trowel. The "hydraulic pedal" acts at the same time as a "dead man's" grip. During trowelling or when driving close to obstacles the machine can be run at a very low speed, about 40 r.p.m., the maximum speed being approximately 140 r.p.m. The protective covers can easily be removed for blade change, servicing and cleaning. The support legs are provided with wheels that can be raised or lowered in order to facilitate change of discs and blades. The transport wheels and telescopic handles make the transport of the Pro Rider easy. The double ride-on trowel Pro Rider is highly versatile since it is easy to adjust the pressure upon the concrete surface to the concrete hardness. This can be done by modifying the blade angle hydraulically via a toggle switch. The joystick-control makes the control of the trowel handy and less tiring for the operator who can use the trowel in a more efficient way. The Pro Rider is equipped with an electrical water sprinkler system and a device to record the operating hours.